Conscious uncoupling in a sacred way

Our Uncoupling / Sacred Separation Ceremonies allow you to let go of anything that may still be holding you into the energy of a previous relationship, in a safe and honoured way.  Energetically allowing each other to go into their own wholeness, with compassion.

The ending of a relationship can be a painful transition for those involved – including family and friends.  It can also be full of uncertainty as you begin opening up your life to new horizons and possibilities, especially when holding onto aspects of the past relationship.

This ceremony can be either an intimate ceremony with just the celebrant and one person from the relationship, or the couple, a witness or a large gathering.

Using the four elements, old bonds are cut, feelings are safely released and blessings are created allowing you to step into your new life with a clear path.


Uncoupling / Sacred Separation ceremonies can be done for many reasons:

  • End of a marriage
  • End of a romantic union
  • Those who need separation from family 
  • Ending of a friendship

This ceremony can be either done with just one person or both present.


One person ceremony: £100 + materials and renting of space

Couple ceremony: £150-£250 + renting of space