I was averse to the concept of getting married all of my life – the very idea was enough to give me sweaty palms.. I don’t believe that anyone can give two people permission legal or otherwise to commit to each other. I don’t like being the centre of attention, and I dislike the performative aspect of our secular/ religious rituals. Which is why we were so lucky to have been able to work with Fiona.

The Handfasting ceremony created for us and with us was just so special, one of the moments in my life where I felt seen, accepted and celebrated. I felt so vulnerable, but at the same time incredibly supported. I feel privileged to have had this experience and I can’t recommend Fiona enough; she made the potentially stressful process light and joyful. It helped myself and my partner to connect on a different level. It was more than a ritual, or a celebration, if felt like she created a space to allow a deep authentic connection of energy and love.
If I think about that day I just cant believe how beautiful and joyful, and incredibly emotional it was.

Anne B, 2023

Izzy officiated our Silver Wedding Anniversary Renewal of Vows Handfasting Ceremony. She guided us effortlessly, kindly and generously in fulfilling so much more than we ever could have imagined for this special day. I can not recommend Celtic Sacred Celebrants enough. Everyone present, sharing in our day, commented on the beauty, love, joy and magic of the ceremony and celebration of twenty-five years. Absolutely exceeded our expectations.

Sonja, August 2023

Fiona, I can’t thank you enough, it was everything I’d wanted and more.

You were utterly amazing, I had every faith in you and yet you still surpassed my expectations.  You made it so personal, gentle and unique and you brought my readers in and out with effortless ease.  Mum and Dad loved it I’m sure and I think it left us all with a feeling of calmness and serenity.

I have just celebrated my 80th birthday and wanted something to mark the occasion of reflective spiritual nature.  An acknowledgment of my life so far and a declaration of my hopes for the future.

Isabel immediately understood my vague concept and helped me build a meaningful ceremony incorporating my family and I.


We performed the ceremony on my birthday morning, high on a cliff top overlooking the sea. Isabel made it very special, thoughtful personal touches, a beautifully arranged circle of vines in which the ceremony took place, everyones printed speeches presented tied up with ribbon, candles and flowers and a sparkly crown for me to wear.


We all talked about the sense of happiness, solidarity, peace and strength we felt afterwards and continue to feel still.


Isabel’s work as a celebrant is important to all who participate, her gift is very special.

Antoinette, August 2023

Fiona made the hand fasting experience very calm. There was a lot more than I thought to take into consideration. We had meetings beforehand in a way that was thoughtful and gave us time to make us comfortable and to to discuss how the ceremony would go as well as to explain the different parts of the handfasting.

Fiona is very easy to talk to, and you can see she wants to do the best for you . I would recommend Fiona to anyone with confidence, to trust her to work along side you for the best outcome.

Paul O, August 2023