Izzy and Fiona have been on a journey of discovery and learning together for over a decade. They are both kinesiologists and practise many other therapies including Celtic Shamanic healing under the tutelage of White Serpent Teachings.

In 2023 they found themselves once again training together with the Scared Celebrants Academy on the magical Isle of Avalon. The training was profoundly transformational and deeply spiritual. It is now their honour and privilege to offer sacred ceremony for all of life’s rites of passage, from the cradle to the grave. Their bespoke ceremonies are rooted in the ancient traditions of our Celtic lands; they create powerful promises as well as sacred containers for transformation and deep healing.  These sacred services are available on the Isle of Man and Sussex, UK.

Meet Izzy, a qualified celebrant and holistic therapist, based in the magical Isle of Man.

In her old life Izzy was an award winning software developer within the automotive, educational and aviation sectors.  After a dramatic career change she now has over twelve years of expertise in kinesiology and craniosacral therapy and runs her own very successful holistic health clinic on the Isle.

Completely dedicated to supporting the health and wellbeing of her clients, what sets Izzy apart from your average therapist is her profound, two decades long, journey as a practitioner of Celtic-Shamanic healing. She also has a lifelong passion for local, family and Celtic history and is a forensic researcher of anything that interests her!

Which leads us to celebrancy…..

Izzy has a professional bucket list…and one of the many things on it was to learn to hold a Pagan-Celtic handfasting ceremony. So she did!

In 2023 Izzy trained with Sacred Celebrants Academy and Civil Ceremonies Ltd. Her work was instantly in demand and she has already created and delivered many glorious ceremonies – receiving glowing testimonials for ‘healing’ and ‘transformative’ work from her delighted clients.

Izzy’s passion, her place and her power is working outdoors, in nature, in sacred space, with the elements.

She has held powerful ceremony at sacred and beautiful sites all over the isle of Man including an emotional vow renewal at the stunning Spooyt Vane Waterfall.

Izzy is a sacred celebrant at heart but can of course tailor your ceremony to be anything you want it to be.

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Introducing Fiona, a qualified and experienced holistic therapist, celebrant and teacher based in East Sussex.

Fiona was a primary school teacher for over thirty years working both abroad and in the UK. She now runs maths and art classes within the home-ed community one day a week.
For the last twelve years Fiona has studied many holistic therapies including kinesiology, reflexology, EFT and matrix reimprinting as well as Celtic shamanic healing, supporting clients in person and remotely.

Fiona also hosts shamanic workshops from home and has recently created a course she calls Gentle Shamanic Magic for Kids – devised especially to help guide children back to the magic within.

After Fiona’s mother passed away in 2022, Izzy suggested she join her on her Sacred Celebrant training in Glastonbury.  Not knowing quite why, she signed up and found herself on one of the most profoundly healing experiences of her life.

Having initially stated she wasn’t going to BE a celebrant but just wanted to do the training, Fiona now cannot imagine a greater honour or privilege than celebrancy. Helping people to create ceremony and hold space for life’s most important moments, feels like a calling, it feels like… home.

Fiona held several beautiful ceremonies in 2023 including an unforgettable passing over ceremony for her oldest and dearest client in a beautiful local park.

Fiona’s years of experience with therapy clients of all ages, and her dedication to sharing the transformative power of ancient practices, blend together beautifully to allow her to create meaningful, healing and gently powerful ceremonies for all occasions.  (She’s also quite arty, so your space will look stunning!)

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